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Welcome to our catalogue page.  As you will find, the possibilities are endless for our beautiful cakes. 

If you don't see something you like, please contact us and we can create what you are looking for.

Our cakes come standard with Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), Unbleached, Organic Cotton Prefolds and 2 wraps for every 12 diapers (unless otherwise specified). 
Our cloth is available in 2 sizes: infant (8-15 lbs) and toddler (15-30 lbs).
Our Super Whisper wraps are available in newborn (7-10 lbs), small (8-15 lbs), medium (15-30 lbs), large (30-40 lbs), and X-Large (40+ lbs).  They are available in white and 4 prints.  
Our Super brite wraps are available in Newborn (4-9 lbs), small (8-16 lbs), medium (15-30 lbs), large (27-36 lbs) and X-large (32+ lbs).  They are available in white and 4 prints.   
All of our cakes have a tag that lists all the "ingredients".  They also have washing instructions tucked inside.
Our "Basics" and "Everything You Need" lines also come with detailed information on the wraps each cake contains.

"Cupcake" Line

"A Little Something" Cupcake


Our "Cupcakes" include 6 DSQ organic unbleached cotton prefolds, and 1 super whisper wrap.  Each cupcake is held by a medium handmade teddy bear, available in pink, blue or yellow. 


"Bare" Line

Our "Bare" cake line is designed with those who only need cloth in mind.  They come in both sizes of cloth, infant (7-14 lbs) and toddler (14-30 lbs).  "Bare Basic" cake includes a Ty animal.  The rest of the Bare Cake Line include a handmade teddy bear.  Wraps can be added for an additional charge. 

"Bare Basic" Cakes


Our "Bare Basic" Cakes contain:
20 DSQ Organic, Unbleached Cotton Prefolds, and a Ty bear.


"More Bare Basic" Cakes


Our More Bare Basic is a three tier cake that contains:
34 DSQ Unbleached Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers Infant Size (7-20 lbs)
1 Baby Bare (available in Pink, Blue, or Yellow)


"Toddler Bare Basic" Cakes


Toddler Bare Basic cakes contain:
34 DSQ, Unbleached, Organic, Cotton, Prefold diapers, toddler size (15-30 lbs)
1 Teddy Bear (available in Pink, Blue or Yellow)


"Just the Basics" Line

Our Just The Basics Line of cakes have just the basics, making a perfect gift for anyone who is needing a few more cloth diapers!  They contain DSQ, Unbleached, Organic, Cotton, Prefold Diapers in either infant size (7-20 lbs) or toddler size (15-30 lbs), wraps in either small (7-20 lbs) or medium (15-30 lbs) sizes and a handmade teddy bear in pink, blue or yellow. 

"Just the Basic" Cakes


Our "Just the Basic" cake contains:

30 DSQ, Organic, Unbleached, Cotton, prefold diapers toddler size (15-30 lbs), 2 Super Whisper Wraps (small, 8-15 lbs), and 1 baby bear in the color of your choice (pink, blue or yellow).   


"Everything You Need" Line

Our "Everything You Need" cake line is designed for the mom who has decided to cloth diaper, and needs everything!  This is the complete package!  Everything one needs to start cloth diapering is contained in these stunning cakes.  they are even fun to unwrap, with surprises tucked inside the cloth!  you never know what you might find!


Our "Everything You Need" cake contains:

18 DSQ, Organic, Unbleached, Cotton Prefold diapers in toddler size (15-30 lbs), 2 super whisper wraps (size medium, 15-30 lbs), 2 super brite wraps (size medium, 15-30 lbs), 5 reusable liners, 100 flushable liners, 1 Fabulous Wet Bag, and a handmade color co-ordinating teddy bear (in pink, blue or yellow).  All our "Everything You Need" cakes come with washing instruction, as well as diaper folding instructions! 





Specific items can be added to our cakes for an additional charge.  Please see our products page for a list of items that can be added to a cake.  If you don't see what you would like to add, please call us.  Custom orders are our business!

Here is a sample of one of our disposable diaper cakes. 


2 tier diaper cake with 55-60 premium Huggies size 1-2 diapers.  tucked inside this beautiful baby gift are trial size bottles of Johnson & Johnson Head-To-Toe Baby Wash (29ml), Baby Lotion (29ml), Baby Shampoo (29ml), Baby Powder (42g), Penaten diaper cream (27g), and 2 Johnson Nursing pads, a 3-6 month long sleeved Onsie, a 3-6 month long sleeved shirt, bottle of children's tylenol and a Ty beany baby.  The finished product was wrapped with cellophane and tied with "It's a Girl" ribbon.  

   Please contact us for prices of our disposable diaper cakes!

All photography provided courtesy of "Endless Reflections".

All Prices are quoted in CDN funds!
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