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Welcome to our products page! 
Each of our cakes is made with Diaper Service Quality (DSQ), organic, unbleached cotton prefolds.  (Upon request, each of our cakes can also be made with premium disposable diapers.)   There is no glue, pins or tape used to hold the cake together.  Each and every diaper in the cake, as well as everything else put inside, is available to use! 
Our diaper cakes are created from custom orders.  Our stock will change regularly, given the uniqueness of each cake.  Our cakes take 2-4 business days to create, depending upon stock.  Rush orders may be accommodated, depending on stock available.
The cakes displayed are basic cakes.  They contain cloth prefolds, wraps and a teddy bear.   If you are wanting more specific items included, please contact us and we will work with you to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations!

"Everything you need" Cake


Our "Everything you need" Cake includes:

18 Organic, Unbleached, Cotton baby (15-30 lbs) size prefolds, 2 super whisper wraps (size medium 15-30 lbs), 2 super brite wraps (size medium 15-30 lbs), 5 reusable liners, 100 flushable liners, 1 Fabulous Wet Bag, and a handmade color co-ordinating teddy bear (in pink, blue or yellow).  Please note that specific items can be added to our cakes for an additional charge.


"A Little Something"


Our "Cup"cakes include:     

6 DSQ organic unbleached cotton prefolds, and 1 wrap.  Each cupcake is held by a medium handmade teddy bear, available in pink, blue or yellow. 


"Just the Basics" Cake


Our "Just the Basics" cake includes:

30  Organic Unbleached Cotton prefolds, 2 wraps and 1 baby bear in the color of your choice (pink, blue or yellow).   *Please note the cake pictured comes with 30 toddler size 15-30 lbs prefolds.  if the infant size (8-15 lbs) prefold are desired, please call me for alternate price. 


Items that can be added to a cake:
Super Whisper Wraps                    Super Brite Wraps
Super Snap Wraps                         Bummi Original Wraps
Bummi Cotton Wraps                     Swimmer pants
Flushable Liners (roll)                     Reusable Liners (single or roll)
Terry Liners                                   Tote Bags (Sm - XL)
Various baby products including, but not limited to: bottles, plush toys, baby shampoo, lotions, soother, socks, teethers, spoons, rattle, bib, face cloth, wipes, hats, Tylenol, Hylands products, Burts Bees Products, Onsies etc. attached with ribbon or hidden within the cake. 
The addition of items may extend the length of time needed to make up the cakes, depending on stock.

We are always thinking up new and exciting "cake" designs. check back often to see the newest designs!
We are currently creating an ideal gag gift for the soon to be "senior" person in your life! 

All photography provided courtesy of "Endless Reflections".

All Prices are quoted in CDN funds!
Diapers By Design * Maple Ridge, BC * Canada * 604-476-2066 *